Welcome to the Raven Platform documentation!#

This document exists as a guide to help users understand the Raven mortality platform, providing both end-user manuals as well as technical documentation.

What is Raven?#

Raven is an open-source and proof of concept platform for the Medicolegal Death Investigation (MDI) FHIR Implementation Guide (IG). It is both a

  1. Testing Tool for data validation, data comparison, data exchange via API, and any features on demand in the future, and

  2. Education Tool for showing various examples in FHIR format and workflows in action”

The current Raven tooling and tests aid developers in implementing the MDI FHIR record format by validating the data against MDI IG guidelines and FHIR-based extended API operations. For more information on each Raven tool components, Raven’s MDI CSV schema, or MDI FHIR standard please see the corresponding sections in this document, accessible through the table of contents below or the sidebar navigation menu.

Raven is released under the Apache License 2.0.

Source repositories for Raven can be found in the GitHub Mortality Reporting Organization.


  • All data shown is synthetic for demonstration purposes only and does not represent actual cases or decedents.*

  • Screenshots may be taken from earlier internal versions of Raven and may not be 100% accurate to the final release.*

If you find an error in the Raven platform and documentation, please go to the “About Raven Team” page and let us know!